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oathbreaker1 Rating
I love period romances that happen in London. The class system back then segregate people from different classes. It is a charming period romance that reflects well on the hero because everyone is trying to keep them separate from each other but like a true man he brushed away all there objections and went after the one he loves sweet Ann. Please read and enjoy a sweet love story with a few bumps a long the way
Vonitza Rating
Love this one! Love is blind and it doesnt matter on age or class. This one similar to the anime that i have watched called "Emma". But its too short, i want some more.
lovemekyoya Rating
Love has no age or status. .... it is everlasting and I just fell in love with this story line becuz it proves that to everyone
PandaLily13 Rating
It's pure love, how can you not love it?! ?Yes there's an age gap, not sure how big, but, eh whatever. The way they fall in love and just complete each other is perfect. 10/10 must read if your into age gap and social status divide romance clichés.
Ceejey Rating
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The story made me giggle with all it's cuteness.
duckie666 Rating
Love love love this. So sweet and innocent
BiancaLatias Rating
Very cute. Touching and gripping I wanted to keep reading forever. Well written, and very cute art.
chicobaby04 Rating
from- seeing what i saw on preview and then reading review it got me really curious so i decided to go ahead and read it i sure am glad i read it i really think its very adorable story and touching. i love stories such as this one
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