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1ch1me Rating
I was looking forward to this, since it's illustrated by Natsu Momose and the original story was written by Lynne Graham! When I first read the synopsis, I thought, "Hmmm... Seems like this is gonna be another interesting story to read!" Well, what can I say? First, I hate how Nikolas Angelis, who was already married to Prudence, was with a woman! Ugh! Those women of his are so annoying! As for how they came to be married 8 years ago, Prudence and Nikolas were matched by her wealthy grandfather. They're married for 8 years already, but now Prudence is asking for a divorce! Anyways, read the whole story to see how/when/how long Nikolas have loved Prudence! You'll also see how he reacted when a man was with Prudence! Also see what is Prudence's dream to be/have! It's really a long story, but it was lovely and I enjoyed reading it! 1 other thing, you'll also see how kind her grandfather is! It was well-written with a very beautiful artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! Highly recommended!
Guest Rating
This just pass me off so much she was so strong in the beginning, so why does she gave to be the one that begs.
Kezzyy Rating
I don't like the hero. In my eyes he is a cowardly cheater. Cheating on his wife with the publics attention not caring to humilitate her. A man with no morality. Also makes me think if he would have accepted the heroin if she was the one cheating for years. I don't understand the heroin for accepting him.But the artwork was nice.
AnyaNeko66 Rating
Oh damn, that was so cute! Am I the only one that thought the ending was hilarious? Thank you for breaking some barriers on beauty in terms of weight, you Greek hunk, you! Even if it was mostly your apparent kink for boobage. :PDefiniteley one of my favorite heroines on this site so far, too! =D
lovemekyoya Rating
Wat a very devoted wife to live him through all that n he has a problem with her having one boyfriend even though they weren't dating but he can have 3 mistress and cheat on her for 8 years oh no he didn't bit love is stronger than anything love it so much
chicobaby04 Rating
its a good story i really like it, only i wished either one try to make marriage work in first place instead of staying away from each other for all these years
Oltrepassassi Rating
Huh? Was there supposed to be love or romance in this story? Don't blink or you'll miss it! MC is dumb, male lead is a playboy, nothing of value here.
play Rating
The story end to soon and the hero is annoying for me.
oathbreaker1 Rating
The story is fine but she really must love him to put up with him sleeping with all those women and then taking him back that part got on my nerves. Because I do not have that big of heart. So they both did everything wrong to each other but ended up in a wonderful marriage does this happen in the real world not.
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