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1ch1me Rating
I was really excited to read this! The preview had me like, "WOW! From its colorful title page through its first page, it's just so amazingly beautiful!" Second time that I'll be reading harlequin manga illustrated by Hiromi Ogata! What can I say? It's so FANTASTIC! Not only the artwork that made me read it, but also how the story was written so magnificently! Willow is actually not the type of woman who wears provocative outfits, but a bookworm. On the other hand, Theodore Kadros is a very handsome man, but that makes him a "playboy" type of man! Anyways, these 2 shared a very passionate night together the first time they met! I suggest you read this to see how adorable Steven is! A living proof that they shared a night together 9 years ago! I wish I could write more of what I just read and what I felt while reading it! Nevertheless, I could tell you how the ending was very WONDERFUL! It was an AMAZING story along with a FANTASTIC artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
Guest Rating
Unexpected ending. This is not the average story line where the woman tells the man of the pregnancy but with sadness and happiness in between.Definitely recommend it!
BlackLotuz Rating
I think this was a touching love story between Willow and Theodore. Willow was nothing more then a cute little bookworm that has never been deflowered until she met Theodore that passionate night at her best friends party. Willow was wearing such a seductive dress which she barrowed from Theodore's younger sister, whom Willow went to college with/best friend . Theodore was just so captivated by her curves as well as her beauty he just had to have her. Never realizing her age and she was a virgin. There were a few more misunderstands that resulted in the end of a wonderful happy ending. I also would like to comment on the BEAUTIFUL artwork that seems to draw you in. I must say this was one of my favorite stories and I just adore all of Hiromi Ogata's artwork and Jacqueline Baird's love stories. Its a great read and I hope that you think so as well.
oathbreaker1 Rating
You know when your meant to be together after all the trails you have been through the only thing you can see in your dreams are there face. They met by accident and found out that they were attracted to each other whether they were together or not. I love the picture on the front of the cover it just goes to say love finds its way to your heart even when you fight against it. If you really wish to be with the person you love keep moving forward.
chicobaby04 Rating
it sucks that they broke up before they started due to all misunderstanding this is pretty good story i like it i recommend it
lovemekyoya Rating
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wat a truly lovely story that made me cry cuz of the love and problems that was shared
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