User Reviews For: A Passionate Marriage Hot-Blooded Husbands 4


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carrotlime Rating
Well, a happy ending as usual but the storyline progression was okay. I have never liked the fact that any of the main characters run away from any problems that they face and it always ends up in a miscommunication or misunderstanding. We have to face up to any problems that we face or ask the person directly for the truth instead of running away. Never ever listen to one side of the story, as one will suffer from it either in the near future or years pass and it has never been resolved.
Majala Rating
Average at best
veronicaarzola Rating
Like the romance
lovemekyoya Rating
Love the drama so much lol
chicobaby04 Rating
would have been nice if isobel would stop runing away every time theres problem that appeared problem is going to never be resolved if people keeps on running away from it, but im glad they overcome that and worked it out i recommend this manga
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