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lovemekyoya Rating
omg I would love to experience something like changing bodies with a male just for one week to c how it works out only because ive never read anything like this be4 and it made me fall in love with it and I WANT MORE OF THIS HIGHLY RECOMMEND
oathbreaker1 Rating
I must say that this is so funny i was laughing so much during this manga. On one hand we have a boy who acts more like a girl and vice versa. It just so happens that he is love with her. Then we have a crazy grandpa who's experiment switches their souls. Then antics ensue his best friend likes him in the girls body and the girls best friend likes her friend in the male body. Now that is a funny and difficult time for the boy because he wants to switch back but it seems like the girl does not. What is going to happen because this is not the end of the story yet so will he stay as a girl and girl stay as boy. I don't know but it sure is funny to read and try and guess what is going to happen because this is not the end.
Naner Rating
Pretty decent if you like the old school gender swap body swap comics of yesteryear. Though in this modern day and age it may be somewhat problematic to people who dislike gender roles, gender stereotypes (obviously lol). I like the art a lot myself and find it charming.The ly problem I have with it is certain parts of gender equality and the side character telling the Male lead in the female body "you're a man so suck it up" when she uses his virginity to pick up a chick and a conbini but tells him he can't do the same in her body. Had the preview been longer for this comic most likely I would have got something else. Since I started reading however now I have to f I'm fish lol
starstruck Rating
[This review is only for the first volume.]Goodness, the first volume alone is crazy! Guy switches bodies with his crush, and this brings up all sorts of hilarity among the two characters and their best friends. Is it just the the gender bender thing, or do they have actual feelings for each other which they never realized until now? That question's what's making me head on to the next volume.
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