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neha200 Rating
That was a very innocent love story bit still good nonetheless. The sister was a frustrating situation to deal with and I can't believe jermaine could keep her cool when in front of her & the dad. At least her mom & lukas were impartial cause ash was a disappointment as well. Honestly, as soon as he saw that the sister wasn't interested in him, he tried to go crawling back to jermaine. It was pathetic; she's better off with the older brother.
lovemekyoya Rating
Omg after all her drama in life she still found true love and one who only has eyes for her yay >.<
chicobaby04 Rating
i dont know what else to say about this manga other than its mm i dont even know how to describe this one isnt like any other love stories from harlequin or rather should i say not much of love story really i feel like im reading kiddie love story not romantic love story
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