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Rachel Rating
I can't reply to the previous review by Chicobaby04, but I can write this here. This is only the first part of the story, so kind of ends on a cliff-hanger. The second part, which is called 'A stormy Greek marriage' will probably come out at some point and will show what happens to Billie now that she is married. It's not a bad story - I base this on the fact that I don't want to hit any of the people in it with a big wooden spoon. My rule of thumb of whether a Harlequin novel is worth reading is when it doesn't contain main characters that you would want to push into a canal.
nohface Rating
ahh i hate this T.T good story but i have to wait for a second story T.T i dont want to wait LOL
lovemekyoya Rating
Oh come on you can't leave me hanging like this I want to kno wat happens next .............a love story to be told but is still untold....... Tell me more
chicobaby04 Rating
WTF!!!!!! i will say this is really good story, BUT!!!!!! i truly am not satisfied with the ending i cant believe that she could live her life like that its really good but i dont like the ending, if u want to know why just read and i am sure you would feel same way i did so im rating it a 3 star for now because of that
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