User Reviews For: A Stormy Greek Marriage The Drakos Baby 2


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neha200 Rating
Fairly good. The guy is a hypocrite. Losing your memory is no excuse to be a douche. I do feel that Billie got the short end of the stick here; he was the one who lost his memory & forgot about her & it's her fault? And I hate how all these harlequin boys threaten the girl that she'll lose in court just cause he's rich. Aside from all that, it was nice story & the art is great.
missjoanna89 Rating
Great ending to the rest of the story loved it !
yvonnerenee Rating
Lynne graham is one of if not my fav author. This story is great, I suggest reading the novel as well!
chicobaby04 Rating
this manga was what i was waiting for since first one came out, with the review from first one i rated it 3 star because i was not satisfied with how the ending was. since it seems to be unfinished well technically it was unfinished but anyway after i read this one very excited cant wait to see the ending to see how it turn out with the secret baby and marriage that turns out to be a lie at first due to alexei's amnesia after the fight the couple had there was a shock to the news then one night he remembered everything. how will that affect their relationship? will they work it out? will alexei accept nicky as his son? how does everyone take the news? curious? then come and read i highly recommend this manga, if i could i would rate this manga 10 stars
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