User Reviews For: The Sheikh's Chosen Queen Desert Kings 1


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eboorenta0ps157piw Rating
I barely even read it. He was with her, left her, and then got married and had kids with someone else. He then comes back 7 years later, and expects her to teach his kids. Oh, hell no. That's as far as I got. Total waste of money, who wants to read about a douche bag? I can find them everywhere. You can't toss a rock out your window, and not hit douche bag. Who wants to read a book let alone a comic where the hero is a zero?
victressy Rating
sensei I need more of your work, this was great! thank you. Worth reading
SakuraDgreat Rating
A short comic but it gave surprising effect. Simple plot with little focus on hatred and negative emotion :)
chicobaby04 Rating
it was wrong of renya to treat jesslyn like that. and even go length to the point where she would lie and accuse jesslyn for something she did but i am glad sharif and jess came together in end anyway and i thought they made beautiful couple. only thing i am disappointed with this story it did not show what gender the baby is im curious and also didnt say what name that queen renya named him/her it would have been nice to know
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