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idgal Rating
I really like this mangaka art style. the Guys are handsome and the girls are pretty. I Really like the first story about the childhood love. The girl is a cute airhead and the guy a tsundere (my favorite personality for managa males, which you rarely see).They don't realize their feelings mutual until she needs his help. The younger brother also his own story that I hope gets translation one day. The other story in the book, is a two part story about a female teacher with one of her male student. I'm not a fan of romance with this type of theme as I always feel it's a abuse of power, but the native and cuteness of the characters help makes it bearable. 5 stars for the childhood love story, 3 stars for the Teacher-student romance.
misshime104 Rating
I loved it. It's somewhat funny to me in a way. Totally recommend everyone to read it!
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