User Reviews For: The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife Virgin Brides, Arrogant Husbands III


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anne23 Rating
I like the whole storyline about this story. We can see how important role the family to help each other when have problem. That guy really fool because not being honest and confession to his wife before her gone. That woman also have same problem like her husband. I recommend to read this story.
chicobaby04 Rating
wow molly really had a tough live, it was wrong and mean of leandro's mother to treat her like that goes same for leandro but it was good that he realized it before it was too late and with leandro's mother labelling her a waitress not fitting to be duchess with her having sis and brother like that how that for a duchess now? lol
victressy Rating
I like the book, I always wish the ending was different: with a bit more length of the "after make up".
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