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Nyanko Rating
Not gonna lie: I'm a fan of Wakana's work. There's not a one of her female characters who comes across as a doormat. They may be a mass of conflicting emotions and a bit insecure, but it's pretty clear she likes her female characters - even the ones who act as antagonists. As to this collection of stories, they offer two different perspectives of girls who are navigating first love while trying to maintain their relationships with friends and family. Many of her female characters lean toward curvy, and you can see her distinct style emerging. Compared to more recent work (Yuuki and Nao - get it in Verticomix, the rent is indefinite and the color makes everything luxe), her art is a bit rough, especially for the male characters. Overall, a fun collection that really looks at things in terms that real young women should be able to identify. Not much racy action, but you can't have everything.
Strick Rating
It was ok.
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