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Kara Rating
Good story, but the reason for the initial abandonment is not divulged upon in full and leaves me thinking that part might have been rushed. Still, I would definitely recommend this one.
chicobaby04 Rating
im glad both izzie and connor survived from that it was close call. i really enjoyed this story its not often where there will be a story of a father who wanted a parental right to follow mothers order like that. it shows that connor really cared for both of them
luvnotme1 Rating
Love how the couple is able to listen enough to give time and work together for their child. Don't read many of these often. Willing do what is best for their child and not their own feelings. Great Read!!!
whitewolf01 Rating
It was a beautiful romance and my stomach sank a bit at points. The art is beautiful and the plot was wonderful! I highly recommend this one-shot of pure love!
Switchplaid Rating
Simple, yet sweet and heart warming :) I would recommend for young girls to read this story. It shows the story of a single mother who reunites with the father of her child though pure coincidence. But is it really coincidence? What is his real intention? All in all, it made me question a lot and I give it a 5 star
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