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SaraN Rating
Well, I read this because Ayumu was the only character I liked in Self Portrait. However, he's still the only character I liked in this book but mainly I just felt sorry for him. The seme was pretty terrible. Like my issue with the first book, the only emotional connection I felt was Ayumu's crush on his friend (who I like better as a side character in this story) . Even his eventual love for the seme didn't feel good. And I felt nothing from the seme. The only real glimpse you get of his feelings is at the end when they finally know how each other feels.Also, all the smut is serious dubcon until the end. The last scene before they confess is noncon to the point Ayumu has a flashback of it after they're together. All in all, despite it being about a better character, this was worse than the first. Definite rental, not buy, and I wouldn't even recommend that tbh.
Lin010203 Rating
Great! Good read, great art! The story was a bit dark (blackmail) but really hot! Totally recommend it! Loved the ended, make me feel good... Like the story was worth reading, aside from the ... You know ;)
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