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debimurr Rating
I really like the artwork and the storyline is pretty cute. I like that even though he likes her and she is pretending to like someone else he still tries to help her. The naughty scenes are what turn this work from cute to hot! I really like the works from this author she does an amazing job. Can't wait to read more works by her.
idgal Rating
I actually like this book from the author a lot. The girl is the type who like not have attention focus on her but the male lead is the type who gets along with everyone and is loud. He falls in love with the girl who throughout the book tries to see why someone like him would like a quiet person like her. The couple are pretty cute together, especially when the guy tries to woo her.
bananaheaven1991 Rating
This series is great and a whole lot different than the forced sex mangas here. It's cute and steamy. The main characters are adorable. The story line could be better but its still quite good.
karink333 Rating
I could barely get through first chapter, the plot and characters are just too boring.
NewToManga Rating
The plot becomes boring. A significant amount of images are inappropriate. The editor, author ad illustrator are vulgar.
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