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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Pure, adorable, loveable romantic comedy. Renta! should have a rom-com option when selecting the type of harlequin story, like they have for playboy, age gap, suspense, etc etc. Anyway, Sara and Matt were funny and cute, perfect leads. Loved the misunderstandings in this story, mostly because it really kept the story going with humor hi jinx, but also because it served to further the plot and what was really driving each of the lead characters. The title and cover art are so misleading, especially the title. No one gets married. In the beginning it was all about Sara losing her V-card, not finding a husband, but Juliette had another idea in store for her girl, wasn't going to steer her girl wrong. Like her very own fairy god mother. Super adorable! I laughed and I'll re-read this again.
chicobaby04 Rating
i highly recommend this manga. its very hilarious especially the spaghetti incident and broadcast incident anyway i highly recommend this if you want a comedy romance this is the one for you
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