User Reviews For: 24-Hour Cumming! -The Woman Ravaged by a Pleasure Machine -


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Ninaj02 Rating
I really enjoyed this story and wished it had been longer. The characters were interesting and I do love a happy ending.
MadamMint Rating
The art is pretty and the story had potential, but overall it was just okay. A third character/love interest is shoved in there, and is there for all of two seconds. The situation and scenes involving the third character are just awkward for me on many levels.
Weeb4Life Rating
I'm really torn about this one. It has so much going for it: interesting, likeable and attractive MCs with plenty of growth, decent plot with actual development and a happy ending, good sized and well drawn smut (all very hot). But then, outta frickin' NOWHERE it suddenly shoves in 3P! Now I do love a good 3P (I love it a lot really) but only when it's been properly established, is fully consensual, all parties (or at least the two guys) have equal power and standing within the relationship, and the feelings of everyone are mutual, none of which is the case here. The OM is just a third wheel who gets shoehorned in midway and cruelly tossed back out of the story once he's done his part, while the rest of the story is focused on the beautiful love blossoming between the two MCs, which makes his inclusion an ugly stain on an otherwise perfectly done, sweet and touching romance. Huge squick for me, hard pass, but if you're fine with it then this is definitely a manga to consider.
Kitsuneflames Rating
I loved this story all the way through. I wish it was longer! Art is okay but the story is awesome. Made me wish I had a cyborg like him!! I like the main girl shes kinda related able character.