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syntaxerror Rating
This is a very special historical BL set in Seattle during the early days of computer science, the 1960s, where code was still punched on paper and coders were still nerds in a very niche field. The romance takes a backseat to a slice-of-life plotline about launching a scrappy tech start-up, so don't expect anything more than a kiss here. Luckily, the plot is well-written and the characters are rounded, so I didn't mind! The mangaka, Yuhki Takada, lived in America for an extended period of time and now lives in Canada, making her the only Japanese-American BL mangaka that I know of. The manga is littered with stray "culture gap" observations about American culture, some of them very amusing. I think a unique manga like this deserves some support!
Daekin Rating
This author's stuff is always so different. It's great. The art is a bit to get used to, but the story is pretty awesome. You can tell they really researched things and knew a lot about the subject matter (like old 1960s IT stuff, in this story). It really sets it apart.
YokaiAkito Rating
This is such a sweet and interesting story! I really liked that the story is set in the US during the 1960s! It was very refreshing! I also really enjoyed that the story focused on programming students using teletype machines and punched paper tape! The story is very innocent with only some stolen glances and love-struck bullying. I highly recommend this for someone who loves cute, innocent BL or someone who loves computers!
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