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neha200 Rating
Very sweet story. Both Max and Jessie come from difficult backgrounds and instantly there's attraction. Except that Jessie is tasked with finding a suitable wife for Max. But will all the time they spend together and get to know each other, Max starts falling for her instead of the candidates around him. They're love story starts with passion but once the secret of Jessie's parentage comes out, their relationship takes a sweet turn towards compassion. Not to mention, Max is remodeling his house to Jessie's taste! I definitely recommend this for a nice read with minimal drama and a hero that doesn't falsely accuse the heroine every chance he gets but be prepared to see him get jealous on countless occasions. It's endearing.
chicobaby04 Rating
who would have thought hiring a consultant turn out better than what it did i think they look perfect together would love to see more stories like this one
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