User Reviews For: Secret Sadistic CEO and His Special Secretary -An Absolute Beast During Sex-


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EGeary Rating
I'm actually quite fond of this series. It manages to have engaging characters with steady development without detracting or clashing with the abundant humor or the love-scenes. The art is good and consistent, even if it's a little rough around the edges once in a while. The writing is good enough to draw you in even if you have a "thing" about only reading manga with super-crisp art. It's also refreshing to see a manga with a bisexual male lead portrayed so well. The female lead is a woman he's attracted to, but it doesn't instantly erase the other side of his sexuality. There are a few realistic tweaks of settling into a new relationship, and she openly acknowledges that she likes all of him. He's protective without being overbearing or irrational (although a great deal of humor comes from how anxious he is to keep the former men of his life from trying to steal her). All in all, they're a mature, well-suited couple who are genuinely interested in each other's happiness.
anne23 Rating
This story very interesting and funny. I hope that guy can be honest about himself and so sweet that guy jealous when another guy to disturb his girlfriend.
xenax114 Rating
This story it is one of my favourite story.
BRY2468 Rating
Really love this story
TrinaCasey Rating
Worth the points. A great blend of smut and story.
iori Rating
Love the story
Readingbell Rating
Good series
NotKayleigh Rating
I'm honestly just kinda confused but it wasn't bad
Ejtrucker Rating
It's a must read. I love it. Just wished that I discovered it sooner.
Milia3691 Rating
Love the storyline where the MC guy is gay but falls for a girl! Its something you don't usually see. And it keeps you on your toes! Also love how the MC girl deeply loves her guy and is non- judgmental, kind and honest. The same for the MC guy, he's so cool, confident, sexy, and Alpha! He's deeply in love and not ashamed of it or his sexuality! The way they love each other is beautiful! Can't wait for the next chapter! So worth your time!
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