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NewToManga Rating
I give this four stars because of the provocative cover. The story and artwork deserve five stars. All great manga stories include a surprise and these stories did not disappoint (there is more than one story in this magazine). It would be nice to see more women loved for their accomplishments, not just their looks. ^_^
Nora990 Rating
i give it 5 stars love story line how he try to make her feel in love with him and to forget her first love . love how it surprised me in the end . definitely read it again
Meru21 Rating
It's a hit or miss. Artwork is okay--just about average, but clean and easy on the eyes. The plot is rushed and stereotypical and something I've read a million times already, which accounts for the low rating. It was cute, however, for a quick read. Not something I'm going to remember, though.
Guest Rating
the stories are great but i gotta say that i love the last story the best. It has different plots than usual manga and it's really good
Babehh Rating
This was pretty cute, the art style was not what I was expecting but it was still pretty good
Risuna Rating
the main story is really cute, the last story is the best~!
Guest Rating
This manga was really cute! Instead of jumping straight into ahem action, there was some nice buildup that made the romance very refreshing. Don't want to spoil much (though it's kind of easy to guess who Saburo is), but the way the characters helped each other out as a wonderful twist.
kg Rating
He taught me first love is a great read. Mai's innocent love for Sam is sweet and romantic, where as Sam's love for Mai is hot and steamy. It's a fun, romantic and steamy read with great illustrations and surprises.
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