Guest's Reviews & Ratings

the story tells about romance and struggle of a novelist whose having hard work in her writing when a guy showed up and changed her world. it's a good reading and worth the tickets
great story! it was kind of typical boy and girl romance but it has more relationship for this couple
the stories are great but i gotta say that i love the last story the best. It has different plots than usual manga and it's really good
The story is really good and i'm really curious in what will happen next! can't wait for next chapter
It's a pretty mainstream storyline but i like it, it's cute how the girl is able to find a new guy after the heart break
I'm actually not really a fan of supernatural manga but this one is really good. I like the story and the relationships of the characters. This is a great manga!
This manga is really good and the story is really sad. A must read one
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