User Reviews For: Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child


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missjoanna89 Rating
It was a good story how a playboy falls in love does not really know his self and a woman in love falls for a playboy and end up having his child but that way we love these stories because you get to see the growth of each other and over coming the things that happen to them but it at good story so give it a chance and the the art is nice to .
HorseObsessed Rating
?How do I describe this one??So fiery, so passionate, I love this story so much!? ?After experiencing such tragic childhoods, ? ?they were able to finally put their tragic pasts to rest?& move on with their life life together.?? So beautiful.???
nohface Rating
i agree but its mainly his parents that were at fault too for blaming him for his brothers death
lovemekyoya Rating
Even someone who feels like they have no right to happiness finds joy in love
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