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Starsan Rating
I would love to give this story a 5 star review because I greatly enjoyed it and was about to spend $20 more to get the rest. Until I realized I had NOT paid for unlimited. $3 per chapter for limited time rental? That's robbery, I've spent hundreds of dollars on books on here by now, I expect to be able to reread that content for the money I spend. Please fix because it is very unfair and will only hurt the artists bottom line in the end!
justareader Rating
Great story. But I will only give this one star because it's too expensive and there is no unlimited version available. Such a letdown.
Guest Rating
great story! it was kind of typical boy and girl romance but it has more relationship for this couple
Kitsuneflames Rating
I like it just wished that it was unlimited
Chamiri Rating
I love the story but is there really no extention available?
violetrose81 Rating
Yuuki and Nao is literally my favorite manga on this website! Their love is so pure and adorable, and the art is very refined and just great! My only problem is that it's so great and an amazing story but it doesn't have unlimited extension available and I'm not fond of using my tickets for something I'd only have for a limited time
Memily Rating
This manga is not only super-sweet, it has some great sex scenes too! I definitely recommend reading it, but would advise that you wait until there is an option to purchase instead of renting it. I have read through Chapter 3, and loved every page. However, I will not continue paying to read this until there is an unlimited rental available. I don't want to pay $2-$3 dollars for a limited rental, only to pay an even higher fee later in order to get the extension.
kelsalex Rating
A lot of people have this story with low marks because it didnt have a unlimited option but it does now and is really worth the price. I love the characters and can't wait for the next chapter.
Avocado94 Rating
The story so far is very cute, however with the cost of tickets and it not having an unlimited option I wont continue it. I shouldn't have to repay for chapters to refresh my mind when new chapters get released. I hope the writer changes this soon!
LoveComic101 Rating
The story is great and really sweet, it is one of my favorite on this website, the only thing that makes me sad is that it doesn't have unlimited access to it. Q A Q
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