User Reviews For: I'm Living with My Perverted Manager -Your Body Pays the Rent-


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jy3 Rating
(First chapter review) Ugh. Why some people apparently find the inability to understand a clear "no" sexy is something I don't understand, will never understand, and frankly probably don't want to understand! Beyond that, this story fetishizes abuse of power, eroticizes preying on need, and has a premise based on blackmail and victim-blaming. Oh well, at least it isn't yet another vampire story.
heyyyjude Rating
Ai's house burns down. Coworker Suzuhara offers her a place to stay the price of her body. What bad luck? Just another office love story, but I really like it. By Volume 1, I pretty much knew where the story was heading. Honestly, I thought the story had ended at 3, but seems like volume 4 is coming out soon. The story is typical and predictable so far (volume 3 is latest volume at this review) However, volume 3 gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Doesn't hurt that the story is also very sexy ;). Excited for volume 4
Shiela1 Rating
It was a typical ditsy girl getting fucked bc she never says no or stand her ground and a man that loves her but is aloof about it but yet they fuck once or twice each chapter. No substance at all
Princesslover17 Rating
Love it!! I can't get enough
Shathisaperera Rating
Loved the entire story... It was really a thing but it ended too fast all of a sudden... But still I loved the entire story... Really beautiful and romantic and nasty... Great work!
chayyy85 Rating
Damn. Right up my alley.
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