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HorseObsessed Rating
There are some really good stories in this book. The first one, however, was a bit lackluster. I really like all the others though. But there is no Table of Contents. Though the artwork is beautiful (the background artwork) in particular, is quite intricate. I hope this Mangaka doesn't end up going with the "ghost/shadow people" templates it's really sad when the artists take the fast, easy way. It takes away from the quality of the piece. When you want to put shadows body parts, anything outdoors, etc, you should use the color grey. That's just a suggestion. ^^
YokaiAkito Rating
So many feels! This story is really good, and the characters are very grounded and believable. The art style is very detailed, and not over pretty; helping to add to the realism in this story. The story is very dramatic. So, be prepared to have those heart-strings tugged! This manga is perfect for anyone that loves true-to-life stories with lots of drama!
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