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Marna Rating
Holy cats.Best find on the site. Had the usual non-con standard in the genre, but it was beautifully played out as a tool to hone and drive the uke into becoming the king he was meant to be. I wound up wondering just how much the lord really was indifferent, and how much was A grade Zanatos Speed Chess and Glorious Bastard tropes master level manipulation. I came for the cheap thrill and was shocked to get such a masterfully well done story in it's place. I wound up actually caring about everyone, which made the ending so so so much more worth it. If Royals boning and political intrigue and grooming/manipulation get you going, run, do not walk, to download this bad boy. A+++ would buy anything by this author. Holy crap. Again. O.o this was so much better than I expected.
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
This is an absolutely amazing read. This is not your typical smutty Yaoi. This is a complicated love story about two men in a historical era. It's got action, misunderstandings that lead to war, powerful confrontations, and a beautiful ending that is satisfying. This is a masterpiece that should be given movie rights! This is quite possibly the best story on Renta!
rin2006 Rating
Such a touching story. It's expected from Himawari-sensei's story. Even though they're separated by two country in the end, but their souls stay together. I'm regret for the end of Aoto, the brother. He should deserve a better ending, but he's sacrified it for his brother's life.
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