User Reviews For: The Man Behind the Mask Viking Brides 4


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missjoanna89 Rating
Love love love the main character she was strong and passionate and she was smart and that what was the best thing about her she showed her skills and never backed down I'll say she one of my most fave in main female lead but the love story was just overall and I love the happy ending but it was also and lot on danger and dangerous people around them but that want brings them even closer .its a great read and I think any out who looking for a strong female lead this is the one to read .
Oltrepassassi Rating
This story tried to be meant different things all compiled into one short harlequin. It was unsuccessful. The characters lacked depth. The story didn't flow and most of it was unexplained. Random things were thrown together to make a plot and instead just made a confusing mess. If you enjoy romance, this isn't the harlequin for you.
nohface Rating
i love it when 2 people fall in love at first sight, this was a very lovely story you dont get to read often where a prince dresses in black and keep gaurd =]
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