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heyyyjude Rating
A set of 3 short stories. my favorite is the first one. I ended up paying for unlimited because I liked it so much. 1) Itsuki is an ostentatious playboy. Rika is a quiet scientist-in-training. One day she walks in on itsuki with another girl. He becomes interested in her, but she's in love with someone else. Slowly but surely, she starts giving into him. This story was my favorite. Just precious. 2) The second story is cute and involve side characters from the first story -- scientist and his assistant. A girl (his assistant) who is often mistaken for a guy and has secret desires to be treated like a girl... The scientist starts feeding her sweet, sweet words and treating her like a girl... i loved this story. It was cute. the girl assistant 's character was innocent and cute. The scientist is funny. The ending was very cute!3) The third story is brief and cute. I didn't like it as much as the other two stories, but I still found it cute.
Gypsiewitch Rating
Cute set of three short stories. I wish they were longer, but fast & fun to read for sure. The second one was my favorite, though I really like the after 'snaps' / deleted scenes at the very end. They made me like the first story more, as I felt like I wanted to know more on how their story turned out. All in in, a fun read.
nohface Rating
i love how they all found love it must be love at first sight
omonii123 Rating
pushy guy vs daring girl; the story flows nicely and i love the progress of the main characters towards the end and how it ended. Gotta love the girl's character and how she handled the "lion"
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