User Reviews For: A Taste of Adultery


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anne23 Rating
This short story really rushed but for the moment it's ok and the storyline need to improved.
ScarletHAP12 Rating
I'm pretty sure it's a medical emergency if you put alcoholic drinks in a vagina but the story is rushed and the characters don't really have time to develop their romance. One more chapter would be better to tell a more rounded story.
Poisonpink Rating
Overall the story is ok, it's just a very short love spicy story for you to can still see how Noriko struggle to forget the bar manager but uckily the ending is not a sad end~
heyyyjude Rating
Well first off, It's a short story that is 20 something pages so It's a rushed story. I don't regret reading, but I also could have not read it and been okay. The a sexy scenes were okay... a little crazy and wild at the bar... but ... eh... this story was just okay.
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