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Gdk Rating
I would describe this story like an Indian curry. You have the basic elements of sweet ingredients plus the spicy-ness that makes it a very appealing dish. A love story that tackles all angles of human emotions that someone can possibly be dealt with in real life. In the end, no matter what Hana and Mr. Kido have gone through, their love prevailed. Not to mention the art work is cute. Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. :)
Lovebug23 Rating
I really love this series and art work. Please write another please! You are such an amazing writer. I love all your works. Always brilliant. I just wish there was another way send you fan mail. But this was amazing I was worried about how it was going end. The ending came out really good. Thank you, for anybody else who is wanting read more good stories check out Amorous Devil.
Kitsuneflames Rating
Awww so cute!~ I knew I would like this story! The story is really cute and I like the art style. I really liked the bonus chapter the most because it shows how it all started, but I do wonder what happened to the brother. I'd recommend it to people who would like to read a cute and sweet story.
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