User Reviews For: Pet Princess -Trained, Imprisoned, Enslaved-


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WindyWing15 Rating
If you like stoic and cool-headed dominants and a lot of hot and sexy scenes, then this is definitely a nice read. What's also nice is that even though there's a lot of smut, there is still fair storytelling here. I will say that it's not enough though to truly be a fully fleshed out story, but compared to a lot of manga here that I've been reading lately where the storytelling seemed to be lacking, reading this made my day. I completely finished reading everything, and it's definitely a seductive read, so five stars for that. If I have any other comments about this besides praise, it really would have been great if even more depth was offered in characters while exploring their backstories, because some things could heavily use an explanation like how certain characters came to like one another. Overall, I'd say this was worth spending time with.
Flyaway Rating
I had high expectation of this manga, but I was very disappointed. I do not like the MC, I don't like the girl, and I I certainly don't like the story which is way cliche by now.I mean even the hot sexy scenes are not really hot, but rather boring. The girl is so stupid and a pushover! I mean at this point, you would think I have seen it all here and got used to spinless girls, but no; this girl tromps them all and goes to the next level. The MC is neither handsome nor attractive and his personality is very unappealing. I only bought part 1 and 2, but I deeply regret it.Don't get me wrong I like sadistic stuff but this one was ridiculous.
mcpanda Rating
For a smut driven series it's got just enough storyline to keep you going! Again it's smut forward so don't expect lots of plot just steamy well drawn scenes. Ending wraps things up well enough.
Visitor012241 Rating
Wasn't bad. There's a twist around ch 4(?) makes the plot more interesting.
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