User Reviews For: Under the Spaniard's Lock and Key


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missjoanna89 Rating
Great story the main male character was trying to keep his best friends life happy But he did not think he would run right into the child she gave away years ago so he took it upon him self to do anything to protect his friend he use the main female character but he ends up get more then what he first thought of he and his feelings begins to change and this is were the love story begins so give this story a try .
Hleskosek Rating
Very intriguing I was never into romance novels but this stuff is Awsome
anne23 Rating
This story about the relationship between friends and family but it also has value like honest, thrust and protection to family and friends. It has sweet, romance and sad storyline to read. I recommend to read this love story.
nohface Rating
really enjoyed this story i very much recommend reading the story =]
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