User Reviews For: His Sexual Urges Are Unstoppable! -24-Hour Sex Care for My Stud Boss-


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NiceLilDevil Rating
THe story is okay and the sexy scenes are detailed. Dirty talk present but overall didn't turn me on as other love stories did.
ebookrenta0b01knaom Rating
The guy is abusive. He calls her names and cusses at her every time. It is not romantic. I feel bad for the girl. She doesn't deserve that. It's not drawn very well. The H scenes aren't stimulating. This story isn't worth the money or time it takes to read it.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
Um .i'm all for some forced action and pushovers, but I think telling her before hand would've been better. At least some warning of his compulsive disorder. On another note art is good. Story is like eating cereal without milk when you wanted milk too but didnt have any.
Mochi Rating
Storyline is average, without too much basis or development. The heroine is a complete pushover, and submits to the male lead despite his questionable self-proclaimed illness. Good for a quick smut fix, as the art is quite good.
Hello Rating
Story line was pretty ehhh, but scenes are pretty naughty! To be honest, the female character is a bit of a pushover but is definitely worth the read if u r looking for some sexy scenes !
ravensach22 Rating
I like it
cpas Rating
This story isn't really romantic. It's more on the erotic side. It has a lot of sexy drawings and very little romance. Its like a "rough love" story.
Golunar23 Rating
Very steamy. Quite entertaining, I just wish it had been a bit longer and more detailed
lineartes1988 Rating
Good for a short smut... The sex scenes are real good, but the story are not the stronger point here... But I liked!
Pass1234 Rating
Storyline was average
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