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Good on smut
Keeping the sadistic tag in mind. I think to be sadistic towards another you need to be like that from the beginning or gradually show your true colors. Maybe that was suppose to be a gradual change, but it felt like the Male MC changed personalities in the blink of an eye. BUT if I read this in middle school, I'd totally buy that 180° change in personality. I do like it, but I also can't help critiquing. I still want to read the next chapters.
The title is kind of misleading in a sense. I honestly thought it was gonna be more than one scene of being seduced, but still was good. Maybe im disappointed it's one volume.? More could've been unpacked. Would still reread though
Yaaaaaasss. Luv iiiitttttt. Like no doubts here!
I was in it for the smut cause it seemed like that's where it was going. I mean it does but not what I was thinking. Its a good read just nothing I haven't already read.
With what I read its rinse and repeated title. Helpless heroine and rich hero to help save the day. I've read a couple of these and I gotta say at least in the other ones the females had more personality and the males weren't an exact replica of prince charming in Cinderella. . If you like being bossed around I guess this can be your cup of tea?
Okayyyyy. This looked pretty darn intriguing and it IS . . . ?BUT! right at the climax scene, you're on any drop ride you can think of, like WHAT?! whyd you rush something with so much potential?! Like the first chapter could've been made into 3 chapters. In any case i'm just saying the ending could've been soooo much more. And the smut? Well I wanna say when I was in middle school I thought of sex scenes like that. Mildly imaginative, with minimal smut and zero sexual tension. I did like the potential possibilities of the plot but was sad it was shot out of the sky.
Great smut alert. Like I mean GREAT but still no sexual tension. Well there might be but all the sexual tension I enjoy immensely usually comes from yaoi TT TT like dont get me wrong YAOI IS GREAT!, but I want some hetero smut too! On a side note the story itself I enjoy but not many people can sip on forceful guys. I usually don't if the artwork isnt to my taste. . . . This one is sooooo. Man handle her to a certain degree yo. And really gurl? Just tell him what's bugging you. I like drama but no new flavor to be found here.
Sooo this was not a bad purchase indeed. The smex scenes were great. And the development to those smex scenes weren't ridiculous c8 but! This could've been so much more had she not crammed everything together. This could use some expanding loving takes some emotional growth! But this is still better than other titles I've bought that were just sex scenes only lol and ridiculous characters . . .
Um .i'm all for some forced action and pushovers, but I think telling her before hand would've been better. At least some warning of his compulsive disorder. On another note art is good. Story is like eating cereal without milk when you wanted milk too but didnt have any.
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