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I just wanna say don't 'play hard to get' if you like someone. That's a waste of both parties time and inflicting pain on someone you like for intangible reasons. If you don't like them, I guesssssssssss (still a no imo) This was still really cute and the arts really yum. The style is very much to my taste. Also you don't need to be gay to like guys (: bisexuals exist. Unless I don't. Hmmm.
I am giving it 4 stars because I ended up liking it. That is not to say that this wasn't rough to read in the beginning. The first story has a plot, but it was executed in a way that I feel caters to a much younger (immature) audience. CRINGED SO HARD. However the stories following after were a definitely better than the first in terms of execution. All the stories IMO are a bit immature, but that's what high school IS like so you read what you should expect. Cringe. SPOILERs(maybe) I did like the Sadistic crybaby and the aggressive masochistic. It took me by surprise. This story should've been the focus instead of the first one. Take away from this is give it a chance!
I definitely loved the SMUT!! I can't say the storyline is good or bad. I'm still a little confused about that lol. Is there consent? Not at first (teasing?) Then yes, but only because being left high and dry sucks. I do love the art work and questionable personalities each of the characters have, but there is no flow to their interactions with each other AKA that escalated quickly. 3.5 stars from me
I bought this cause it looked smutty and it is. (: aaand I thought that would be it. Nothing else, but it was more than just smut! Still I came for the smut and was not disappointed. Anyway I love how the conflict in this story was solved. Yaaaaas. Story isn't unique, in the sense where its a read many times script, but the artwork is fantastic, the characters are great, and the "logic"- flow-/ feng shui. . . Idk what adjective to describe the storyline with, but it is superb in my opinion. Totally consensual and communicative!
This is soooo dumb. I could not not laugh, the pacing was quick, butI freaking love it!!! 100 outta 10 will read again
3.8 star. It's a bit dumb but cute. I like it cause I like the style of the characters, more my type, cute beef cake(bottom) and slim delinquent (top). Uh story wise it would be even better if it was funnier since the story is already questionable.( I like age gap a lot!, but not HS they're still immature) I'd recommend to rent before making a decision. Although I tend to buy in order to remember whether I will buy the next one.
One word. YESSSSSS. More words. This is great! I loved it!! Talk about something I'd love to happen! (Not that shitty feeling of no acknowledgment) Actual realistic interaction! I can't wait for the next Chapter 100 of 10 I recommend. Consensual all the waaaaaaaay
The most realistic characters I've run into yet!. (As realistic fiction can get star.symbol.) the art is fan.effin tastic. And I loved it. 10 outa 10 will reread again.
It was very good smut wise. But the MC was a major pushover. In a extremely unhealthy way.
It wasn't a bad read. I want to say it is great at first. I just think the development of characters bothered me. SPOILER ALERT (nonetheless I'd like to read the conclusion) iitt is still pretty interesting, since I like omegaverse. The MC trusted his rival, but one small bump in the road made him do a 180 on their closeness. Like hold on. I get that it is a problem but to that extent?