User Reviews For: The Young Wolf That Can't Learn to "Stay"


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littleponta Rating
What an ending -__- can't believe it ended just like that...I'm not satisfied enough but I guess this is how shoujo manga ends. -sigh-
Nekurom Rating
My review but only for chapter 1 cause I don't have money lol.Hilarious and seems like the type of Shoujo manga (story targeted at girls) that I would enjoy. I'm not sure what would happen next but I sure wish I could see it.It's funny how it seems most people in Japan in mangas/doujins/anime seem to think a lot of people who just came from America are forward as heck when it comes to romance or flirting and then I look at myself and I'm like, "I'm more of a backwards potato". Haha. Cause I can't flirt that well to save my life.
andie23 Rating
I read the entire series and it was so cute. A good shojo manga story for those who want some fluff.
Shathisaperera Rating
I read it all and it was KAWAAAAAI!
Kirbyh Rating
Very cute and the idea that he's acting the way he is because he's from over seas is cute
Druid Rating
This manga did show promise, however the way the manga ended seemed as if it wasn't intended to end that way. As a person who enjoys many titles of manga, this one left me feeling unsatisfied. If you are someone who is into sweet endings, and leaving the rest of the time line to your imagination, then this is a good manga for you. However, if you are someone who wants the creator to give you the satisfaction of completing the ending, you're better off looking for other mangas to read.
Mangagirl07 Rating
The art is fantastic. The story cliche and unnecessarily dramatic. There are so many better shoujo titles out there. This was my first Renta! purchase and I'm kind of bummed. The first chapter showed so much promise.
StarrKnites Rating
4.5/5 Only because the ending to me wasn't very fulfilling. An entertaining read though! Enjoyed the premise and interactions.
ariana0713 Rating
I read the first chapter and was instantly hooked I just gotta finish before I do anything else lol
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