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Weeb4Life Rating
Only "Sensible Housekeeper, Scandalously Pregnant" and "Claiming His Pregnant Wife" are truly worth reading, all the others are definite skips for me. Those 2 have fairly likeable characters (although the guy from the 1st is a complete nutjob) and decent plot and pacing. The 2nd one was so bland and meandering it felt like I read a bunch of nothing and left no impact (the leads never even confessed their love, the guy just told the press he was marrying the girl then they got married, the end). The 3rd was mind-blowingly nonsensical, I'm astounded at how so much made NO SENSE and I kept screaming "WHY?!" (eg. why lie for NO REASON to your granddaughter about being adopted?!). The 4th was full of stupid clichés and misunderstandings seemingly for the sake of it, because they made no logical sense (why would you ask a guy to tell you about the girl you saw him sexually assault and believe him?!). The 5th had one of the most pathetic and spineless women ever, I wanted to slap her.
Reiko Rating
Excuse me! Annabelle isn't your cupid, she cursed you.
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