Vivi's Reviews & Ratings

I'm not even into yaoi as much but this had me on the first few pages. Great story and art style means a good read.
I'm definitely going to keep up with this story. I wonder if the plot will ever explain why the girl's BF/GF is so clingy and forceful. Guess we'll have to stay tuned.~
I am hooked! The story revolving around this awkward couple is definitely worth the wait for updates.
Mistake or not, a child is not just another object you pay for if love and care can be involved. I like that message in this one. It's a nice story. However, it can lose your interest for a little while.
Cute couples, romance after trials, and a happy ending for all. This is a "must read".
So rare to read a manga were a gay man falls for a woman. Great read with lots of humorous moments.
I love these type of mangas with forceful men<3
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