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OMG. This was great. It was so cute. The characters were sweet, the art is great, and the story was lovely. The progression was enjoyable and the minor side characters were actually quite fun. I highly highly recommend!
This was truly a delight. The story was sweet, characters fun, and not too angsty. The roles were opposite of what you'd expect from a 'typical' yaoi, and it was great. Not to mention Mitsuru is a true beauty.
I really enjoy the art style, the cuteness, the blushing, and the story isn't too bad. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish that they wouldn't go the blackmail route when it seems it will be going that way.
This is a pretty darn cute manga. The characters are sweet, the relationships are pretty wholesome, and there's nothing questionable. Since the stories are fairly short none of them go too deep, but the lovely art and fluffy storylines make up for that. Definitely worth the read.
OMG!!! I'm so f***ing stoked that this mangaka is available on here. I also find it hilarious that this is the one they start with!!! No complaints here though. The art work is great, the story is fun, and the smut is ah-MAAAAAA-zing. If you're not into slightly...less common kinks, it may be a bit much. But honestly, this is some winner por--er I mean yaoi right here.Read it!!!! I hope hope hope that we get more of this mangaka's work as well.
The first chapter was very sweet and enjoyable. Clueless seme combined with unrequited love. Even though there may be more chapters (since this came off like a one shot), it can completely stand alone. Very delightful!!
Ah this is such a good one! It does better than most yaoi manga at delving into the dynamic of BDSM (not that I'm a real pro) and the way their relationship works with that. The art is great, the characters are fun, and the smut is awesome. No minuses here.
The stories were fun, the art was great. None were terribly deep since they're rather short, but the smut was fantastic. Hitting all good points for me.
I quite enjoyed this one. The art was great, and the story had a unique twist. It was neat to see what happens to the so-called 'villain' in the story. I also enjoyed watching him walk the path to redemption and find a new way to go.
I love this mangaka. Her art style is unique and the stories are interesting. This one is nice because it really plays with the childhood friends trope. If I say too much what I like about it it'll spoil it. There are lots of little funny moments, but I wouldn't say that's it's all happy-happy. It's certainly worth a read and worth buying.
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