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It was very cute and the story was nice. It somehow didn't manage to delve very far into their relationship. Good supporting character. Overall I quite enjoyed it.
As far as one-shots go, these were pretty delightful. I really enjoy this mangaka's art style. Overall it was pretty sweet, and her smut is always great. Also, gotta love her flawed characters. So great. I hope to see more of her works on here.
I will always buy and Yoneda Kou. This story is so well written. Their relationship is great, and cute and awkward. It feels so real. These characters are so charming, and the little crossover with it's sister-piece is so great. So glad I could buy it.
It's so good. I love the premise, the art, the characters, and everything. The smuuuuuut!!!!!!! THE SMUT!! I really hope that they make sequels. One for the uke's older bro and one for the seme's younger bro. It's yaoi after all, he's gay, he's gay, we're allllll gay! I would buy it allll!!!!!
This mangaka always has wonderful art. This story is very sweet. No unnecessary drama, and nice progression. The characters are great, and it's a delight to read. 100% worth the $$
I loved it. The art was great, there was no unnecessary drama, and it was super sexy. Reminds me of Junketsu Drop. Definitely DEFINITELY read it!!
This manga is amazing. With all the different characters and Yakuza families, it can be hard to follow. However, the story is amazing, and sensei's are is on point, as usual. I hope the rest is uploaded!!!
Yamada Papiko is amazing. This manga is amazing. There's just the right amount of drama, the emotions are so well drawn, and it is a great story. Definitely a must read!!!
The art is great, and so is the story. I really like how the story was developed between our two mains, and that extra at the end was fantastic!
I really was not sure what to think about this in the first place. I kind of chose it on a whim actually. In the end, I'm soooo so so so happy!!! The story was wonderful, the characters were great. Our MC Sousuke is super duper cute, and the ML is super hot. The story was nice and happy, they were delightfully honest, and it was just a great read. It was almost a switch....SO CLOSE, that would have been the best.
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