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Love it so far. I like the designs of both guys and it's nice to see more fantasy-themed stories with non-human love interests.
This is my favorite story on this site, and I'm so glad to finally get to read it in glorious color! It's so rare to see male kemonomimis in smut, same with dark-skinned guys, so to have them both in one character, especially one as sweet as Sable, is a real treat. It's by one of my favorite artists as well.
I can't tell if this is the best or worst titled series on this site. Either way, cute and spicy! The inclusion of toys is a big plus.
I'm loving this one so far. An intimidating-looking guy who has a severe case of RBF but is actually super sweet? Count me in!
I like the main characters in this one. Probably my favorite by this artist so far. I love the guy's cat-like looks and mannerisms, and it's refreshing how they draw their heroines with a little meat on them.
I'm loving this so far! The art is great, and it's nice to see more stories with monster boys.
This was really cute. I love stories with tough/mean-looking guys who're actually sweet, and I have to say they were refreshingly good with consent in the steamy scenes compared to what I usually encounter (I've noticed a trend with these stories where there's almost always some level of the protagonists saying "no" while the love interest continues even if the internal dialog makes it clear they like it, but in this story the guy checks in with her and gets verbal confirmation, which was great!)
The premise is definitely different, but I'm loving it so far! They seem to have a cute dynamic. Looking forward to more!
Loving this so far. The art is really fluid and dynamic, the steamy scenes are fantastic, and to top it all off, the protagonist is adorable and the guy's a total sweetheart. Can't wait for more!
This is adorable. I appreciated the fact that there was some setup of their friendship before things got steamy so it didn't feel rushed (which you don't always get with these types of stories where a lot of them just feel like they had to cram it into the first chapter) I also love how the guy's big and scary-looking but is actually a huge sweetheart. I'm always a sucker for characters like that. Looking forward to more!
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