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Great story absolutely love the relationship development I just wish there was more so we could see where the relationship goes in the future.
I absolutely love this story the only thing I am confused is at the end of number 10 it says to be continued but the page says it is completed. I really hope it isn't finished because I want to see more about all of their relationships and possibly even more.
I absolutely love this story but I have a problem with the fact that it just leaves you hanging and it is says it is complete. I would have given it 5 stars if there was a 3rd book that continued their story I mean they didn't even start dating or anything. We need to know more about their future.
I really enjoy how everything is built up for the most part but I don't like how things are left unresolved and the coworker is extremely pushy bordering on harassing
I absolutely love this story I just wish that there was another story about Rui and Kiddo
I absolutely loved this I can't stop rereading it. I would absolutely love another story about the other couples and any more babies to come from any of the 3 couples. I would take as many sequels as possible
I absolutely love this story but I agree it is way to short. I would have preferred if they ended up together
So far I absolutely love this story and can't wait for more. I don't have any complaints about it so far.
I absolutely love this story the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the ending. I really want to know more about their relationship and if he decides to become a n omega. I would have loved to find out if they ever have kids and get married
I love omegaverse stories and this is officially one of my faves
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