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The art of the title story isn't as good as the cover. It's def a romantic comedy with much to be desired. The second story is about an actor and his childhood fuck buddy getting their wires crossed. Both love each other, but don't really know the other likes each other. The third is much more interesting and should have been a full novel. Cats have a human body to them and are known to make their masters their slaves. Sex slaves. It's cute and funny. The other two stories have stories have much better art styles than the titular story for some reason???
Definitely worth buying!!! This was so so cute! Tsukasa isn't actually mean. He just teases Sakura. And they're actually a perfect match!! I absolutely love this comic!
A very cute and feel-good story!! Would have liked to have seen more, though.
Three very cute stories!!The first is the Secret of Rika. It's about a guy that falls in love with a rumored playboy, Rika. He doesn't doubt Rika's feelings, but Rika is really secretive. The second/fourth is the cover story!The third is about an English teacher who falls for a widowed florist who is also a father. The English teacher is gay and it's love at first sight. The florist is hesitant, but ends up falling in love, too.
This was... OKAY if you're just looking for something mindless and fun to read. There wasn't any development between any of the romances and the stories were pretty subpar. I would have LOVED a more developed story between the VAs. There was so much potential to draw it out. The art and personalities of these stories are VERY reminiscent of Shungiku Nakamura's work (Junjo Romantica, Hybrid Child, and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi). The characters all have one person that appears to not actually be interested on a relationship and another that's very persistent. Same formula, different manga-ka. Overall, this sort of felt like an attempt to have some Plot What Plot tropes with so-so smut scene.
This is a great comic!! Developed character, complex plot, GREAT smut! I absolutely loved it! It was like reading on of the books I usually get on Kindle in comic form. 10/10 would recommend.
There were a few short stories written in here, but none of them were that interesting. So many of them were trope-y (even if
Pretty good. Definitely a fun read, but not the best. There's no vampires, but incubus- type creatures. I'd like to see Rei's story now that I've read Kei's!
Great art!! Super cute stories! This was totally worth it!
This was.... meh. The art was good, but the plot was written like a bad porno and I'm not sure if it was meant to be like that. The writing was boring, the plot was contrite, and the smut wasn't good enough to save it.
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