DarthVader's Reviews & Ratings

I enjoyed this a lot! The story is cute and both of the main characters are acting like adults. I really enjoyed that one got to see both characters' point of view to feel with them.
This is an incredibly sweet story. It's shojo, so nothing naughty is happening. But if you're looking for a tender, slow-paced love story this one is for you.
Very intriguing story! I actually enjoyed it so much that I upgraded from rented to bought.
The art style seems a bit outdated, but the worst is the storyline. I could not bring myself to finish reading it.
This is a cute story with a sweet (though predictable) development. I only wish that the ending would not have felt as rushed.
This is an unusual twist on the typical dom-sub genre. I was hesitant to rent it at first, because I thought that it would probably involve non-consensual activity, but it's all consensual and quite sweet! Give it a try!
Good story so far (1 chapter). The protagonist appears like a push-over but luckily the male protagonist is very considerate and waits for her consent.
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