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I'm enjoying this one a lot so far! a good combination of smut, funny moments, and honest and respectful conversations about sexuality, solo play, using toys and so on. I'm really curious to see how this develops!ch. 5 does have a flashback/retelling of a traumatic moment which is disturbing but does make sense in the context of the story.
I found this to be a sweet and wholesome (yet steamy!) story with mutual affection and respect between the FL and the ML. the art is lovely, and expressions are well done at key plot points. I'll be reading this manga again for sure
I'm enjoying the story so far as well as the art, but I just wanna point out that some pages are out of order; the first 6 or so pages from vol 2 are actually at the end of the volume. A little bit confusing at first and a tad annoying, but it was easy enough to figure it out. I hope the rest of the series doesn't have these issues because I like it so far and hope people give it a chance.
yes, yes, and YES. I don't entirely know where this is going yet, but as of volume 1 this is hitting all the right buttons!!!
this is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life, and I absolutely can't wait to re-read. and since no one IRLwants to hear me gush about it at 4 in the morning, here's a useless review instead!
GOOD LORD, JUST RENT THIS NOW. the art is fantastic, the story is wonderful, and the chemistry is, well... *I* even started blushing during that hotel scene. if anyone ever looked at me like that, I would probably promptly expire. I'm surprised my tablet didn't burst into flames!! (you know it's good when you keep backing up several pages to read a scene again, lol.) only 1 volume is out at this time, but you bet I'm eagerly looking forward to the next.
First volume fills me with hope, but I might be biased because I recently left a job that was slowly killing me with stress and toxicity. Anyway, this volume sets the scene within the terrible workplace and whoo boy, I would have walked out on the spot, too. There's no romance yet, but I liked the art a lot and the MC as well (I have nothing against the guy; just withholding judgment for now as I suspect his character will grow!).
I'm trying to think of a way to say “I need to read the next volume of this immediately” that is more eloquent than “I need to read the next volume of this immediately” but the only words that come to mind are, you guessed it, “I need to read the next volume of this ~immediately~“.
Wonderful art. And so far the story is just so sweet I wanna die!!
I have a bit of a soft spot for hot-tempered and kinda naive heroines, and a lighthearted enemies to lovers is my jam, so I'm enjoying this so far! Only 2 volumes are out at this point though.
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