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Oh, this was good. I love how the author drew boobs and butts and legs and the poses...! There's also some great scenes of dudes in underwear. The characters were on the realistic side, in a good way, and I enjoyed the dialog during sex especially. It's always a treat when characters talk candidly about what they like and what they want. I'll definitely be rereading this in the future.
The style is different enough from what I'm used to, so I gave it a try. It's a sweet, simple story that's fairly normal, except for the one thing, which gets turned around at the end... anyway, before this stops making any sense: this was cute and both predictable and unpredictable. Worth a read.
This definitely didn't go where I thought it would go, and that made this story enjoyable. The author is pretty talented in setting you up to expect a common trope but then turns it around neatly. The art is nice, there's some humor but I never thought it veered over into ridiculousness. The characters are fun-- the heroine was relatable and had flaws, but I thought she was also pretty sensible and viewed her situation with self-awareness. I wish the series had been longer so that the author could explore the characters a little more, though, and if you're looking for a story with a firm romantic resolution, this one might miss the mark for you. Personally I didn't mind how it ended, and although I was constantly hoping that she'd end up with two boyfriends, the actual ending was still unusual enough to be pleasantly surprising.
This is probably my favorite story by Nerima Zim, although the author's ability to create unique, expressive characters is something I really enjoy on the whole. There's a good balance of humor and drama which moves the story along nicely. The progression of Shino and Aldo's relationship feels authentic, too, which I always appreciate. And the art is fantastic! I'll keep coming back to read this one :) :)
This... got real kinky without, like, any warning whatsoever. I probably wouldn't have purchased the manga if I'd known this much pee was involved. It's also really not my thing for characters to discover kinks by being pushed into them by a partner. One of the stories also had a real child-grooming vibe to it, so be aware of that. That said, the art was quite nice, and this will probably be right up some people's alleys. (Maybe literally.) Just not mine.
Both stories are fantastic; well-drawn, sexy, and funny. I keep coming back to re-read because I hate waiting for the updates!
I love the humor in both the writing and the art, so I was cackling pretty much through the whole thing. I'm also a complete sucker for a drawn-out hate-to-love relationship between competitive guys who have to keep one-upping each other, so this was a perfect fit for me.
ahhhh, it's so good, I wish there was more! lovely art, too!
I've read all three available volumes 4 times in the 24 hours that I've had them, it's that good. He's so grumpy and put-upon and she's so... almost aggressively straightforward yet so clueless. I love it. I love everything about it. I'm actually kind of dismayed the author doesn't have any other works available, and that I have to wait for additional volumes of this one!
this is a fantastic manga! the art is great, the characters have depth and realistic backstories, & the story gets so much right. I'll probably read it over and over again.
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