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these guys are so sweet with each other??? oh, and it's also hilarious, ESPECIALLY the bonus.
Ok! so I picked this one back up to give it another try, and I'm glad I did. I should *probably* wait until the last chapter comes out before reviewing, but that's still a week away... Anyway! what struck me right away was the humor. it does start off a bit... ridiculous, I guess, given the MC is an assassin, but as the story progresses we get the suggestion of darker/disturbing undertones that's cleverly presented in successive chapters, giving you a little bit of a mystery to figure out. even if I've picked up on the hints and correctly guessed the client/twist, I still think this could go toward a few different options for the ending. and hey, even if I'm wrong, I'm still looking forward to the last chapter!
I really feel like more people should give this one a chance!! It's sweet and at times funny (please don't get the impression that "sweet" here means boring, I didn't find that to be the case at all) but note that it's not at all smutty like many other works that use this trope. I enjoyed the characterization and the art quite a bit, and the supporting characters had their own lives, struggles, and personalities. There was also an emotional maturity that was earnest and sincere about the ways that our insecurities affect us, and the story incorporated a consideration for boundaries that really resonated with me. The ending could be interpreted as open-ended in regards to romance but I found it to be a good example of "happily for now". I wouldn't say no to a sequel though!
if you're in the mood for something short and sweet that's pretty SFW, this may hit the spot. There's nothing graphically explicit, but it is heavily implied via dialog that they'll be continuing where the story itself ends. Things I like about this: oblivious idiots, a misunderstanding that's actually pretty easy to set to rights, a helpful friend who seems to know the guys better than they know themselves and gets things moving, and nice art. Plus, I can read during one of my too-short breaks at work without the potential for extreme embarrassment if someone walks by my table ;)
More, please!!!!!
well the final chapter just came out and I have already reread it all :3 it has perfect balance of funny and sweet! I really enjoyed how naturally natsuo came to the realization that he had feelings for ichiya and how goofy the series was without being too far out there.
I loved The Red String of Fate so much that this was an insta buy and I don't regret it at all. although I did find this sequel to be a bit more bittersweet and emotional it's still a lovely story!
I finally gave this a try when 15 chapters were already out. I normally don't follow through with a series when I have to play that much catch up, but this one is really different. The premise is not _exactly_ misleading, since “paying the rent” with sexy times is a repeated theme, but the way it shakes out is as a playful game between two people who are actually into it (and, of course, into each other). I know I'm repeating myself here lol but their relationship is very playful and I think you just don't see enough of that. Their interactions are refreshing, funny, and feel pretty genuine. And both main characters have or develop lives and friends and non-romantic relationships outside of the romantic pairing. The dialogue resembles real conversations, and the drama (and least so far) also feels genuine. It seems like all the characters were designed with care and thoughtfulness. Given allll that, yes, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!
Can't believe I slept on this one for so long! Finally gave it a go, and I was hooked as soon as I saw how bravely the heroine came to someone else's rescue early on. I really enjoyed the author's other work on Renta and I wish I had connected the dots sooner but I'm here now so it's all good!
Full disclosure: This type of story and the level of drama (jealousy, violence) is not my usual preference, BUT the lovely art first drew my attention, and then the characters sucked me in further, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a bit more drawn to more comedic elements in my mangas but this is still worth reading and I'm sure I'll reread it, too! (Depending on the ending, of course!)So the 4 stars means I recommend but with caveats :)
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