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Premise aside, this is a very heartwarming and humorous story with adorable, charming characters. The major trauma is dealt with in what I felt was a respectful and loving manner between Iida and Baba. And going back to the premise... sure, it's ridiculous, but it wasn't meant to hold up through the whole series, and I love it when an author takes a plot that appears silly on the surface and makes it have unexpected depth. And, the art is fantastic!
so this is the most excited I've been over a story in a while. final verdict: a supremely eloquent WOW. I'm kinda torn though because it's now completed and on one hand I like that it wasn't drawn out and melodramatic with increasingly absurd arcs but on the other hand I didn't want it to end!?! because the characters are so wonderful and the art is just fantastic?!? and while reading I kept making these little excited "eeeeeee!" noises (but in my head so I didn't wake up my roommate because I'm not a complete jackass), so, uh, yeah. get it, read it, love it.
So the series is completed, and wowza. I'm just really happy with the way this turned out. Obviously I adore the main couple and I thought both characters stayed true to themselves throughout... Elena's story took a surprise turn that I honestly was not expecting, which was such a bonus. Overall, cute and sweet but with maturity and authenticity in the characters and the story.
sweet, lighthearted, and rereadable
this was really enjoyable and hit a lot of buttons for me, will be reading again!
This is shaping up to be better than I originally thought. There's something very endearing about the art and humor that kept me reading, and I'm glad I did, because more character development is coming into play :)
Hilarious. Great art. It's been out a day and I've read it twice already
All the stories were great, but pages 48-51 were worth the 5 bucks alone! I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a manga!
This is actually very sweet! The pacing is appropriate for the length of the work, and the art is perfect. I was initially a little iffy on the premise but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly some depth got mixed in. You don't get a lot of backstory or history regarding the characters, but you don't really need it; it didn't detract from the story at all. The miscommunication between the mains is resolved via an honest talk. FYI, there is a potential lack of consent moment, but it doesn't happen all the way through. I'm not sure the story had to go that direction, I think there could have been a different option, but the way the mains resolved their differences made up for it, for me.
I picked this up because it looked fun, and it did not disappoint. I was also pleasantly surprised by the depth of the characterization with the added bonus of the work having a pretty encouraging & non judgmental view of trans characters and sex work.
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