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100% LOVE THIS!!! Where is the last chapter already?!! I legit just binge read this, the plot is interesting and consistent. Could this been made longer probably but that's cool I think the pain plot point gets across just fine. The art is beautiful and consistent, and I do really enjoy the main characters. Need that last chapter like ASAP!
It super cute, but still feels like it's just the “first volume” there is so much more to their story that I feel could have been told. I own the spin-offs as well but wish there was more of these two.
Super sweet story, very natural progression. An the way they just adore each other is amazing to me.
Not my cup of tea very disappointed.... this has “that” Yaoi trope in it, one I find disgusting. Kind of irritated that it was a permanent buy and not just for rent. Could have been a cute story if it wasn't for the last few pages
Love the story concept but both stories felt rushed. There are definitely parts in both stories that could have been fleshed out a little more and better at that. I feel when this happens it's editors cutting stories to make them easier and quicker reads. Which is a disservice to the mangaka but also the reader as well.
So the story itself is an awesome concept, but the pacing is all over the place as if the mangaka was rushed to finish this, it's like one second they're on stage and the next they're already in the middle of having sex. Nothing leading up to that moment, like I was looking forward to the awkward coming home passionate scene. There's room for character development as well but I fear this will also be rushed and cut short as well.
This is pretty awesome concept!! Nice twist in the omegaverse world
So while this is a cool concept.... I would've consider it yaoi really I mean..... he's a boy for one chapter, so unless this ends with him being a boy and them getting together and still being together I don't really like the concept. I would be more interesting if each chapter he was a different sex.
Seriously my heart can't take it!! They are so sweet together, and knowing that their story already has a beautiful happy ending is so much comfort!
It was good but seriously the censorship just killed it! Don't do super smut stuff if you're just going to censor it
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