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This is just porn with a nonsense plot and barely any relationship development. They teased a certain something that's rare, but they didn't follow through so that was disappointing although I can still see the characters going through it in the future.
First chapter is basically an introduction so nothing much happens apart from the leads meeting. This seems like it might actually be slow burn so I'm interested in seeing how it turns out.
It's pretty cute even though it starts with dubcon.
I wasn't really sure about this since the beginning it's a bit rushed and typical, but I kept reading and it's surprisingly cute. It's a very nice read if you just want fluff.
Cute, but superficial. Gets bonus points for not getting rid of the threesome I guess.
I liked the first couple, but the uke from the second story is childish and annoying so I didn't enjoy the second story as much, and I would have preferred that the first story would have take up the whole volume.
It's low key and slow burn which is nice, but the ending felt rushed so it could have benefited from an extra chapter. As it stands the relationship doesn't have that much of a payoff.
Cute enough, but both stories are pretty typical romance with straight dudes. Although the first story at least has a very enthusiastic gay uke.
Some things felt like too much, but it grew on me. Probably shouldn't read it if you're easily offended.
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