esp13's Reviews & Ratings

This yaoi has interesting characters and mix of wholsome and tragic moments. The smut is well draw too, which is a plus ;)
I really love this! The relationship with between the 2 MCs is interesting and adorable, but the sexy scenes are still great. Gimme more plz
i really love this manga! i keep wanting more!
This is such a cute love story with a supernatural twist to it! The smut is hot and also adorable. I can't wait for more!
This is such a great story about the protag learning to fall in love and the smut is great too!
Super interesting so far! I love that this is quite realistic. The characters are interesting and the sex scenes are good.
This is actually such a great love story! The smut is great and the art is nice too! I can't wait to see more!
this manga is adorable! i love the couple's dynamic and the sex scenes are super sweet!
This was strangely good! Other than the smut, it's a thriller/horror story!
this is a great comic! i love the female protag, she's so quirky and badass!
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